Wills Costs

Wills Costs

Will Costs


Making a Will gives you the opportunity to decide who will inherit your assets when you die.  Using a Solicitor, no matter how simple or complex your Will is, is advisable to ensure that the formal requirements are complied with to make the Will legally valid and that it accurately reflects your wishes.


Here at Chris Stevenson Solicitors we will meet with you and discuss your personal circumstances and wishes and answer any questions you made have


Service Provided Fee

Single Will (straight forward)



£145 plus VAT


Mirror Will (straight forward)



£225 plus VAT


Single Will (more complex, for example contains a life interest trust)



£250 plus VAT


Mirror Will (more complex, for example contains life interest trust)



£400 plus VAT


Severance of joint tenancy


£120 plus VAT



If you are unable to attend our offices, our solicitors are more than happy to attend your home address for an appointment.  This will incur an additional fee.  Please telephone our office for further details.