Police Interview

People don’t always appreciate the importance of what they do or do not
say in an interview until it is TOO LATE.
The responses to the question’s you are asked DEFINE the outcome of the
investigation or any subsequent case against you.
Chris Stevenson Solicitors have dealt with investigations involving the
POLICE, HMRC, DWP, RSPCA and more. We have travelled all over the
country to advise and assist clients, both in custody and for voluntary
If you are arrested by the police ask that Chris Stevenson Solicitors be
contacted immediately. Alternatively if you are to be interviewed as a
volunteer for a PACE 9 interview contact us in advance so that we can
attend and advise you.
Remember ADVICE in an investigation by the police is FREE, and
therefore costs you nothing. Ask for us BEFORE you are INTERVIEWED
don’t regret leaving it TOO LATE