Probate Costs

Probate Costs


Probate Costs


Every probate matter is different and the time spent working on the file will depend on a number of factors including the number of beneficiaries, the nature of assets and whether or not any inheritance tax has to be paid.  As a result our firm does not charge a fixed price determined on the value of the estate or a percentage of the estate. Our fees for probate are charged on the basis of how much time is taken to deal with the matter and each fee earner has their own hourly rate.


Please find below a breakdown of our hourly rates:


Preparation and attendance                                           £160 – £210 per hour

Routine letters written                                                      £16

Telephone calls                                                                     £16

Routine letters received                                                   £10

Lengthy letters and telephone calls                           hourly rates


VAT is charged in addition at 20% plus any disbursements incurred, which are costs related to the case that are payable to third parties.  Usual disbursements are:


Probate application fee                                                    £155

Sealed copies of the grant of probate                      £0.50 each

Fee for swearing the oath                                               £5 – £7 per swear


Other disbursements which may be necessary:


Office copies from the Land Registry (where the     £3.60 per title

estate includes a property)

Advertising for creditors in the London Gazette      £100

Advertising in a local paper                                             £70 – £200


You should note that the sale or transfer of any property in the estate is not included in our probate fees and would be referred to our conveyancing team.  Furthermore inheritance tax, if relevant, is a debt of the estate and is not a disbursement.


Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our probate team if you require any additional information regarding our charges.  Upon receipt of further information regarding an estate we will be able to provide an accurate estimate of our fees.