Lasting Powers of Attorney Cost

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document which lets you appoint people you trust to make decisions on your behalf, or to help you make those decisions.

Using a solicitor to make a LPA ensures that you are fully advised regarding, what they are, what they do and how they can be used.  Furthermore, here at Chris Stevenson Solicitors, we can ensure that you are advised fully regarding how the different LPA’s can help your specific circumstances, in particular advising upon any appropriate preferences or instructions to be attached to the LPA, which can limit the things that attorneys can do.

LPAs are powerful documents – instruct us here at Chris Stevenson Solicitors to ensure that mistakes are avoided and that the LPA is tailored to your specific needs.

Service Provided
A Lasting Power of Attorney (either property & Finance or health & welfare)
£350 plus VAT plus disbursements
A couple making a Lasting Power of Attorney or a person wanting both Lasting Powers of Attorney
£600 plus VAL plus disbursements

If you are unable to attend our offices, our solicitors are more than happy to attend your home address for an appointment.  This will incur an additional fee.  Please telephone our office for further details.