Family Law

Care Proceedings and Public Law Meetings with Social Services(PLO)

If you have been contacted by social services about a meeting (PLO) to discuss the care of your children, or issued with notification that there are court proceedings in relation to your children, then you should contact us URGENTLY to discuss a FREE CONSULTATION

Here at Chris Stevenson Solicitors we ONLY act for Parents in Care Proceedings. A parent’s biggest fear is the loss of their child and we recognise that.

Having the involvement of the Local Authority with your family can be a concerning time for all. If you need urgent advice or assistance as a result of Social Services involvement with your children, or a child of the family, contact us immediately on either 01302 341243 (office) or our 24 hour contact number 07623 807835 for a free no obligation chat. Our specialist legal team is here to help you every step of the way.

If Social Services have taken your child into care or are threatening to do so, you need representation from a Solicitor who can support and guide you through the legal process. Here at Chris Stevenson Solicitors we are experienced in dealing with care proceedings and cases involving Social Services including pre-proceedings meetings (PLO Meetings). We pride ourselves on conducting our own advocacy throughout the Court process and our reputation for fighting for our client’s to achieve positive and successful outcomes.

If the Local Authority have started Court Proceedings or invited you to attend meetings it is important that you seek legal advice at the earliest possible time. We have represented parent(s) and extended family members in Care Proceedings across South Yorkshire including Doncaster, Barnsley, Sheffield and Rotherham as well as in Courts all over the Country. We are happy to advise, assist and support you in all Social Services matters. If you would like to discuss any aspect of Social Services involvement please contact us immediately.

If you are a parent or a person with parental responsibility you will be entitled to Legal Aid and you will not have to pay for legal advice or for a Solicitor to attend at Court Hearings with you, regardless of your financial situation or the strength of your case. Means tested Legal Aid is also available for other family members involved in care proceedings. If you are in any way unsure whether we can help please contact our team on 01302 341243 or email us.