Police and other investigations

Police and other investigations

Don’t ask for Duty ask for Chris Stevenson Solicitors!

Our Police Stations are not open on a 09:00-17:00pm basis and neither are we. We are THERE for YOU 24/7 whenever you require advice in the Police Station.

People don’t always appreciate the importance of what they do or do not say in an interview until it is TOO LATE.

The responses to the question’s you are asked DEFINE the outcome of the investigation or any subsequent case against you.

Chris Stevenson Solicitors have dealt with investigations involving the POLICE, HMRC, DWP, RSPCA and more. We have travelled all over the country to advise and assist client’s, both in custody and for voluntary interviews.

If you are arrested by the police ask the Chris Stevenson Solicitors be contacted immediately. Alternatively if you are to be interviewed as a volunteer for a PACE 9 interview contact us in advance so that we can attend and advise you.

Remember ADVICE in an investigation by the police is FREE, and therefore cost’s you nothing. Ask for us BEFORE you are INTERVIEWED don’t regret leaving it TOO LATE

Police representation is free and available at no cost to you.

Many people who are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system will often say to us, after they have instructed us, well I didn't ask for a solicitor because I didn't want to appear guilty. YOU ARE ENTITLED TO ASK FOR A SOLICITOR FREE OF CHARGE. Asking for a solicitor is not an admission of guilt. We are there to help you and advise you as to the evidence in the case. We do not work for the police, we are independent and will advise you to achieve the best outcome in your case.
We will not keep you waiting! If you require legal advice and the Police Station ensure that as soon as you arrive at the Police Station you insist that we are contacted by the police. We will then contact the police, speak with you and do everything we can to try and speed up and pursue the police to arrange that your case be dealt with as quickly as possible. You are entitled to a Solicitor, free of charge, including for a voluntarily interview whether that be by the roadside, at your house or at the police station. You do not have to be under arrest to have free representation either at the Police Station or if you are interviewed by other agencies.
The police can arrest you and keep you in custody for 24 hours. They can seek an extension of twelve hours in certain circumstances but in order to keep you for a longer period they have to apply to a Magistrates Court for a warrant of further detention to keep you beyond the maximum 36 hours. We at Chris Stevenson Solicitors know that it can be a worrying and troubling time spent in the police station and we will endeavour to get you out as quickly as possible. We will make representations to the police about your time in custody and try to get you out as soon as possible.
The Department of Work and Pensions and RSPCA will often interview you whilst under caution and they both investigate and prosecute criminal offences. We can often provide free legal advice in relation to these type of offences however, we must complete a Legal Aid assessment prior to any interview.
If you were interviewed by the police without a solicitor we can still take your case on thereafter so do not hesitate to contact us if you did not have a solicitor in the police station and you require representation.

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