Motoring and Road Traffic Offences

Motoring and Road Traffic Offences


Our motoring, road traffic, and driving offence specialists based in Doncaster are able to represent you. We have many years of experience in conducting trials and have an expert team of representing client’s in relation to the following offences and hearings:

  • Drink or Drug Driving
  • Careless driving
  • Dangerous driving
  • Using a mobile phone whilst driving
  • Drive otherwise in accordance with a licence of without insurance
  • Exceptional Hardship – when you risk losing your licence due to having too many penalty points
  • Special reasons – Hearings whereby you may be guilty of drink driving but a “special reason” exists which means the court should not impose the mandatory disqualification.

If you face any of these types of investigation or proceedings it is essential you contact Chris Stevenson Solicitors as possible, our experience shows early expert advice can be crucial in determining the outcome and in some cases can avoid the need to attend court.

Our expert motoring and road traffic defence solicitors can represent you from the initial stages right up to the Court of Appeal on road traffic matters whether you have been arrested, received a notice of intended prosecution or a letter from the police or court.

If you face a police investigation/interview whether that be under arrest or on a voluntary basis, have proceedings before the Magistrates or Crown Court, contact us now for advice.

No matter how minor you may regard the incident, if you are to be interviewed by the police under caution you are entitled to free and independent legal advice and you should contact Chris Stevenson Solicitors to attend and represent you. This can be at the police station or even at your home address if the police intend to interview you there.

For driving offences you can rely upon our expert knowledge and advice as well as our our years of experience to help you avoid penalty points, disqualification and help you keep your driving licence.


Our fees for representation in these matters are £200+VAT per hour however we are able to offer fixed fees in the following circumstances:-

1. Guilty Plea – £300+Vat = £360.00 (Includes a one hour appointment and if the case is dealt with to a conclusion that day)
2. Sentencing Hearing £200+VAT if the initial case/guilty plea is adjourned then there will be a further cost for the sentencing hearing
3. Exceptional Hardship Hearing/Special reasons hearing – £600+Vat – Includes Preparation and taking instructions from you and any defence witnesses in the case (does not include the first hearing)
4. Trials will be charged at an hourly rate as above
5. These fees do not include travel which will be a further cost in cases outside of Doncaster.