COVID 19 Impact Upon The Criminal Justice System

COVID 19 Impact Upon The Criminal Justice System

On the 23rd March 2020, as a result of the unprecedented COVID 19 pandemic, the whole country went into lockdown. This meant changes to many different services and industries and the criminal justice system was no different.

One of the main issues was how we can try and remain socially distant and maintain safety in the different environments in which we practise. I appear regularly before the Magistrates Court and in the Police Station to advise and represent clients 24/7. This means that changes had to be considered and implemented in order for those interviewed by the police and who appear in Court to be represented by their chosen solicitor.

We at Chris Stevenson Solicitors were able to represent our clients before the Criminal Courts and in the police station by utilising cutting edge technology and finding practical solutions for our clients to ensure that their rights were protected.

What can I expect in the Police Station or at Court?

Firstly, the wearing of masks has become common place in all shops and places where the public appear together and the Police Station and Court is no different. In communal areas at Court you will be expected to wear a mask.

In order for police interviews to be conducted there have been remote facilities put in place at various police stations and we have appeared via telephone, laptop and in person throughout this crisis. We have ensured that our client’s rights have been protected and we have delivered clear and effective advice when they need it.

We have arranged for numerous clients to appear in Court remotely, where their attendance at Court is impracticable or they have been shielding as they are vulnerable. Clients have commented on how helpful this has been especially those from outside of the South Yorkshire area. In one case we were able to ensure that our client was able to attend his work and appear in court during his lunch break due to the distance he would have to travel to attend Court.

If you have any questions about the changes and the impact of Covid 19 upon the Criminal Justice system, whether that be representation at the Police Station or Court please do not hesitate to contact us. Chris Stevenson Solicitors have always been there for your 24/7 and this has continued throughout the Covid 19 Pandemic.

We have delighted to have been inundated with new instructions in all departments and we are continuing to accept.

We have accepted so many new instructions in fact that after initially furloughing staff due to the Pandemic all staff have now returned to work and therefore Chris Stevenson Solicitors have a full team of legal experts able to assist and advise you now.

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