Chris Stevenson


About Chris

Chris Stevenson is the Senior Partner at Chris Stevenson Solicitors. He has practised in Doncaster since 1975 providing him with 40 years of knowledge experience and success. Chris specialises in residential and commercial property matters, Wills and estate planning and Administration of Estates and also has experience in care law. Chris is a criminal duty solicitor for the Doncaster area. Chris is interested in conservation and animal welfare. He enjoys reading and walking his dogs.

Chris Stevenson

LLB Leeds Hons
Representing a woman charged with murder of her husband from advice in police station to acquittal in Crown Court
wildlife conservation, dog walking, cycling and gardening especially In Picardy
kill a mockingbird Il Postino Gladiator
Mes gelidas maninas - Pavarote Positively 4th Street - Bob Dylan Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen
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