Tom White

About Tom

Tom White is a Paralegal who joined the firm in 2014.

In his time with the firm he has dealt with a wide variety of offences including murder, serious sexual offences, drug conspiracies, serious violent offences and money laundering.

Prior to his move to Doncaster Tom volunteered as a Tribunal advocate in Norwich helping vulnerable clients appeal rejected benefits decisions. He also volunteered as a case summariser for the Land Valuation Tribunal and qualified as a Civil and Commercial Mediator.

Outside of the office Tom plays bass guitar for a rock band and is a keen supporter of Norwich City Football club.

LLB Bachelor of Laws
ADRg Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator

Being lead case runner on a high profile murder trial
Working with Miss Blackwell QC in a high profile rape trial
Ensuring a vulnerable mother of 4 was dealt with by way of a caution at the police station instead of having to undergo a lengthy trial process

I play bass in a band that is just starting out
I support Norwich City Football Club: On the ball City!!
Have trained in various martial arts disciplines including hapkido, Kung fu, Thai jitsu and kick boxing

Starship Troopers
Total Recall (old version)

Where is my mind - pixies
Santeria - sublime
Beating hearts baby - head automatica
BYOB - system of a down
All my life - foo fighters
Deadly lethal ninja assassin - Reuben
1998 - Laruso
Still alive - Jonathan Coulton

All you can eat because it would delay the inevitable
Or failing that
Roast Turkey with all the trimmings