Power of attorney

A lasting power of attorney (LPA) gives someone you trust the authority to make decisions on your behalf either if you are unable to or if you dont wish to make decisions for yourself.
There are two types of LPA and they relate to either your property and financial affairs or your personal welfare.

Property and financial affairs

An attorney is the person who makes decisions for you) can generally make decisions on things such as:

• buying and selling property
• paying the mortgage
• investing money
• paying bills
• arranging repairs to property.

If you’re setting up a property and financial affairs LPA, your attorney has to keep accounts and make sure that your money is kept separately from their money. You can request regular updates as to how much is spent and how much income you have. If you lose mental capacity, these details can be sent to your solicitor or a family member.

Personal welfare

This covers decisions about healthcare as well as personal welfare and can only be used once a person has lost mental capacity. An attorney can generally make decisions about things such as:

• where you should live
• your medical care
• what you should eat
• who you should have contact with
• what kind of social activities you should take part in.

You can specify the types of decisions your attorney can make or you can allow them to make all decisions on your behalf.
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