Magistrates Court

Our solicitors appear before Doncaster Magistrates Court on a regular basis and we specialise in representation and advocacy in the Magistrates Court.


Ask for Chris Stevenson Solicitors who will attend to advise you in the police station free of charge.


We will represent you and conduct the advocacy on your behalf in the Magistrates Court. We will advise you as to the evidence and the merits in either a not guilty or guilty plea. The role of a solicitor is not just confined to advocacy in the Magistrates Court and we will also speak to the prosecutor on your behalf to discuss and negotiate on your behalf whilst always following your instructions and acting in your best interest. If you are remanded into custody by the police then we will apply for bail on your behalf.

If you have pleaded guilty or are convicted of an offence, we will mitigate on your behalf. This means we will put forward the mitigating circumstances around your case and explain to the court the circumstances surrounding your offending and your own personal situation. The ultimate aim of this is to persuade the court to deal with you as leniently as possible.

A trial is where the court will decide upon whether or not you are guilty of an offence. The court must be sure that you are guilty of an offence and they will hear all the evidence in the case and decide as to whether or not they are sure of your guilt. Our role in the trial is to cross examine any witnesses, put forward your case and persuade the Magistrates as to why the case cannot be proven by the prosecution and why the court should find you not guilty.

Here at Chris Stevenson Solicitors we pride ourselves on our ability to deal with cases quickly and effectively. We aim to listen to what you have to say, advise you fully and deal with your case as speedily as possible so are not spending time waiting in the Magistrates Court.

Legal funding is available for proceedings in the Magistrates Court although not everyone or every case will be eligible. Legal funding in the Magistrates Court is dependant upon whether it is considered to be in the interests of justice for you to be granted representation at public expense. It is also based on your financial circumstances. We will always assess your eligibility for Legal Aid to see if Legal Aid can be granted in your case. If you are in receipt of a passported benefit for example, Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), Income Support (IS) or Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) then you will automatically be eligible for Legal Aid, which means your representation by us will be free of charge to you. If you are in employment then we will asses your eligibility based on your income however in your income exceeds £22,000.00 you will not be eligible for Legal Aid in the Magistrates Court. If you are not eligible for Legal Aid you can instruct us on a private basis and we will discuss your fee options with you at the outset of your case.

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